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Chances and Opportunities Architecture Marketing - a New Tool for Architects


The Hierarchy of needs and the Financial Resources of Principals (based on Maslow, Adelfer and Piperek)


Source: Self-made design changed in accordance to Dr. Abraham Maslow, Kotler P., Kelle K.L., Bliemel F.,Marketing-Management,München 2007, page.285 und Prof. Dr. Max Piperek, , Psychohygiene des Bauens und Wohnens, Wien, 1992



In comparison to any other professional fields of activity, the popularity and attention of marketing and marketing management regarding the architects’ profession is at the lowest imaginable level of all.

For that reason of architecture marketing being a barely existing term and theory within this branch, it is the purpose and target of this thesis to grasp it intuitively as well as systematically, and explain it in a holistic way in relation to its theoretical and empirical dimension.
Purpose is also to effect a scientific introduction of this new method and theory.

Target is it to develop and submit an ideal conception of architecture marketing as guideline on the basis of economic basic principles and an analysis of the architectural field of activity.
This work also shall act as a basis including helpful suggestions for a successful applying of architecture marketing as new instrument. The architectural profession, in which architects understand themselves as managers and experts in marketing questions in accordance to a market orientated business management, is declared and determined practice orientated.

A distinctive individual character, being the general characteristic of architecture marketing including the focal point of product development, could be detected.
This special character is a significant demarcation in comparison to property marketing.

In the course of this studies customer needs and requests of principals shall be determined and shown systematically at the example of one-family houses for the product development of residential buildings. Results of this thesis are averaged customer needs and defined customer requests being fundamental for planning, value measures and basis for comparisons.

Beside those people being scientifically and theoretically interested in the topic architecture marketing, the conclusions and findings made within this thesis offer encouragements and suggestions for architects for a successful appliance of this instrument in step with the actual practice.

The urgency of a demand for knowledge concerning architecture marketing required by architects could be proved definitely. This very high interest in this topic is also reflected in a survey participation of more than 50 %


The overall objective of this text is to undertake a comprehensive systematic analysis of architecture marketing in its empirical and theoretical dimensions. It further aims to introduce the new concept into scientific debate.  

In addition, the efficiency of architecture marketing activities shall be analysed and evaluated. On this basis and drawing on the new concept to be developed, we will elaborate recommendations for real-life tasks and the conceptualisation of business strategies for architects.

Due to the lack of a scientific definition, and the need for points of reference among practitioners, the definition of the term architecture marketing in derivation from classical marketing theories is among the paramount objectives of this study.

Another matter of particular interest is to find out about the existent skills of architects as technically an artistically trained professionals, who necessarily have to bring their services on to the market.

To sum up, this study aims to further the academic research and provide useful tools for practitioners to meet the challenges of increasing competition.

Value Determinations of one-family houses – A-Model


Source: Self-made design, Bopfingen 2008

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